Aerial Video and Photography

Our team at Duke Aerial Productions can provide you with stunning video and still images from the air thanks to our broad range of skills and equipment. Our CAA approved operators can safely and confidently deliver bespoke aerial photography or video for your project.

By combining aerial footage and exciting ground shots using our DJI Osmo camera, alongside our post production editing skills, we can also produce final edits for you. Whether you require just raw footage alone or a one off amazing still image canvas print of your property, we can tailor the product to your liking.

Weddings and Events

Duke Aerial Productions can showcase your special wedding day or event from the air and even assist in the planning stages when you’re looking at layouts, access and potential hazards that may need to considered. The sheer quality and scale of aerial images that we can shoot can be used to capture a wedding from a unique perspective or help build the momentum of an event for future years when looking to create promotional features.

Estate Agents

An aerial photograph or short video of a property will greatly increase its saleability. Capturing a property was once an expensive option, but it’s now much more cost-effective thanks to Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft (SUSA), commonly known as drones.

Duke Aerial Productions and their UK and Isle of Man CAA approved pilots, can increase the aesthetic appeal of your property by capturing pin sharp aerial photos or video to reveal not just the property itself, but the scale of the grounds it’s built on. If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to make your property portfolio stand out then Duke Aerial Productions are at your service!

Commercial Property Survey

Duke Aerial Productions can provide you with stunning, high quality video or still images of your commercial and/or industrial property, ranging from offices to retail units and even land plots that are located for proposed development.

With aerial images you will have a powerful marketing tool to help promote the sale or rent of a commercial property. Duke Aerial Productions can apply their services to a wide spectrum of applications, for example, an industrial complex, golf course, leisure centre or hotel. Alongside being able to illustrate the scale of a property, aerial images can highlight various features like access to roads, parking space options, loading bays, boundaries and even the condition of a roof.

Construction Sites

This service is a valuable tool for construction companies both at the planning stage and at various other stages during a build, allowing them to view an entire construction site within one image. If you are planning any type of build, Duke Aerial Productions can capture imagery at different stages of the project, allowing you to track it’s progress. We can cover those hard to reach areas that are not easily accessible from the ground without disrupting the workflow on site. Furthermore, if there is a specific area of a site that you wish to monitor over a long time frame then we can plot and save a specific flight path that can easily be repeated as many times as required.

We can cater for projects of any size, from construction jobs such as the building of new roads, bridges, dams, schools or hospitals down to much smaller builds or even demolition projects.

Post Production

Duke Aerial Productions operators have an extensive background in film editing and production for the commercial market, working with FCP7 (Final Cut Pro) and FCPX. If you’re looking to create a promotional film for your website or for DVD and download, we can provide full post production services as part of your aerial filming package. So if you’re looking for more than just the raw aerial film or still photographic content then we can cater to whatever you have in mind. With our in house editing suites and sound recording facility, we can create a visual feast for you and your clients.

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