How To Book

Outline of the booking process

Prior to quoting for a particular client request, we require some initial information from the client so that we can ascertain the viability of the flight operation.

The information we require is as follows:


Ideally we require an initial brief, we can then quote an accurate figure for the aerial work but also assess whether or not the flight can be undertaken safely and within the legal restrictions from the UK and Isle of Man CAA.


Ideally we require the exact postcode(s) where you want the filming to take place.  If this is undetermined at this stage of the process, we need to know if you are wishing to shoot in an urban or rural environment


We may have to look into any additional factors which may need to be factored into shooting on the date requested by a client, especially if it clashes with a specific event taking place in the area of proposed flight operations.

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Once the above have been ascertained we can advise if the shoot is even possible from a permissions point of view.  We will then proceed with our PRE-DEPLOYMENT and ON-SITE SURVEY looking into the area where the aerial work is meant to be taking place to see if there are any other factors or permissions which need to be considered.

*If the weather is not suitable for flight on an agreed date of aerial operations, we will notify the client and reschedule for another day.

If you would like a quotation for aerial work please complete the form opposite. We look forward to hearing from you.

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